Leave a lasting impression with a beautiful smile

 With a bright, healthy smile, you’ll always stand out, even after you’ve left the room. This can come in handy when you’re looking to land an interview, motivate others on the job, or even negotiate a promotion. Here at McGrory Orthodontics, one of our biggest priorities is helping you leave a lasting impression with a beautiful smile. Though you may not even realize it, your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and one of the last things they’ll forget (if they ever do). That’s why it has such an impact on your career.

Are you worried that crooked teeth or other misalignment issues are keeping you from reaching your potential? Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re being held back in both your personal and professional life because you feel self-conscious. There’s good news! Orthodontics can help you put your best foot forward and leave a lasting impression with a great smile. Let’s explore a little more about why smiles matter so much, and what our talented team can do to help you get ahead. 

Start a trend with your smile

As humans, we have a knack for mimicking facial expressions and do it all of the time without even realizing it. This contributes to how we understand someone we’re talking to and helps us respond. If we start mirroring someone else’s expression, it can change how we feel. That’s why smiling spreads!

A healthy and welcoming smile can show a future employer that you’ll make the workplace a more positive place. Yale University conducted a study that demonstrates this by dividing volunteers into small groups and assigning specific tasks. One team member was secretly instructed to act upbeat as they entered the room. The mood in the room changed noticeably when the team member came in with a smile. This study also found that each individual’s performance improved and the group itself was more likely to achieve a goal. 

There was a similar study conducted by scientists at the University of Kansas. Subjects were given stressful tasks to complete, and some participants were asked to smile during these tasks while others were told to maintain a straight face. Researchers measured the heart rates of the participants, and the subjects were asked to self-report their stress levels as they performed the tasks.

Can you guess the results? The people smiling had lower heart rates and their bodies held up better to stress. They even said they felt more positive in general than those who kept a straight face. This is proof that smiles are powerful. Employers and coworkers will appreciate this, which will give you an advantage at work.  

Leave A Lasting Impression With A Beautiful Smile

The halo effect

Edward Thorndike, a researcher in the early 1920s came up with the term “halo effect” to describe how our brains attach multiple positive qualities to a person based on noticing that they have one positive quality. In other words, when we have a certain perception of someone, we start making things up about them. This isn’t the best way to get to know someone, but it just goes to show how important first impressions are.

A great smile has been proven to trigger the halo effect. Studies prove that you’re more likely to be seen as smarter, funnier, and more successful when you smile than often than if you don’t. People with healthy smiles are even seen as more trustworthy much of the time. If you’ve been trying to get your foot in the door of your dream job, orthodontic treatment with McGrory Orthodontics could give your smile the boost it needs to make you stand out.  

Set others at ease with a smile

You can set the tone of any situation while also oozing friendliness just by smiling. Future employers are sure to pay attention to this. For instance, as a job interview, your experience is only part of the picture. If you don’t seem friendly and open, you’ll be less likely to get the job or be offered a promotion. Successful companies want people who can both do the job and make the workplace a happier place.

Increase your self-confidence

Do you lack self-confidence because of your smile, or for any other reason? If you do, you probably have trouble taking risks. But, to be successful, you have to step outside of your comfort zone! If you’re happy with your appearance, you’ll be happier about your life. Invisalign® did a survey and showed close to 80% of adults who utilize orthodontic treatment to get a healthier smile felt confident enough to try something completely new.

Leave A Lasting Impression With A Beautiful Smile

Leave a lasting impression with a smile from McGrory Orthodontics

However you look at it, you can’t deny that your appearance plays an important role in how others see us, and how we see ourselves. This included how employers see you! Dr. McGrory or Dr. McCarty can work with you to build a beautiful smile that not only looks amazing but helps you feel great. Her expertise and our wide range of treatment options. These options include clear braces, and clear aligners, and give our teen and adult patients the ability to transform their smile discreetly. 

Correcting any existing orthodontic issues will improve both your oral health and self-confidence. Smiling is linked to better moods, increased positivity, and connecting with others more easily. It can even reduce stress levels, which none of us would say no to.

A healthy, beautiful smile can help you make a positive first impression and may even give you the edge you need to achieve your career goals. Are you ready to learn more about how our talented team can give you a smile that will help you get ahead? Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation!